Law Enforcement

Dear Law Enforcement Organization,
We are writing you to encourage your officers to report their stolen motorcycle investigations to so that we may help in the recovery of stolen motorcycles by keeping a free public data base of stolen motorcycles. As this service is supported by advertisers and donations, there are no fees to list stolen motorcycles or retrieve information from the website.

Reporting stolen motorcycles to gives your department millions of more eyes to look for stolen motorcycles and helps your department close cases.

Unlike insurance company data bases which are only valid for 5 years, keeps records forever or until the rightful owner or reporting police department requests we remove the information from the data base. Also, unlike insurance company data bases, maintains records of older motorcycles that might not be insured against theft.

Unlike DMV databases that cause states and municipalities to incur cost, StolenMotorcycle's is free to use, search and list stolen motorcycles. is a better tool than is currently in use by insurance companies and many law enforcement organizations. It's world-wide (English language only) and can be accessed by anyone with Internet access. Again, with no fees for our services. was founded by victims of theft and is working to help return stolen motorcycles to their rightful owners.

Thank you.
Paul Resh, Steven Oates and Billy Jones, founders