About Us

StolenMotorcycle.net is the work of 3 friends, Billy Jones who once bought a stolen vehicle unknowingly and was forced to return it to its rightful owner without getting his investment returned and Paul Resh whose heart was broken when thieves literally dragged his painstakingly restored Iron Head Sportster down the street before loading it into a truck never to be seen again. Both of us know the pain of being ripped-off and hope to ease the pain of others in the same circumstance by helping owners get their bike back and preventing others from being duped into buying stolen motorcycles. Later we were joined by Steve Oates.

There are no charges to list your stolen motorcycle with us and no charges for using this site. We are not in the business of data mining or spam.

What Makes Us Better

1. No registration required to search. That means we CAN'T spam you just because you wanted to search.
2. For those who wish to subscribe, we have an RSS feed that will alert you every time a motorcycle is reported stolen. As far as we know, no one else does this.
3. Unlike Insurance company listings which usually last 5 years or less, our listings stay online until the rightful owner, police or DMV asks us to pull it down.
4. Want to keep up with the numbers? Our system will make available how many of each brand has been listed stolen.
5. Unlike stolen bike registries that use insurance company data, you can list your bike as stolen even if it wasn't tagged and insured. How many owners of XS650 Yamahas and Iron Head Sporsters have their bikes insured against theft? How many used moped owners have theft insurance?
6. You can e-mail your search results and your stolen bike reports to anyone who can figure out how to click on a url.
7. We recommend you use every stolen motorcycle registry you can find. We even link to other stolen bike registrys on our .
8. Some sites limit you to 5 searches per day. We have no limit at StolenMotorcycle.net
9. Some of those other sites are run by people who could care less about motorcycles. My partners and I have been bikers since the early 70s and know exactly what your bikes mean to you. We've also been victims so we know how it feels.
10. We will NEVER charge for our online services.
11. Because we don't collect data, we won't sell your data. We only collect enough information to help you get your bike back and we only share as much as is necessary to return your motorcycle to you.
12. We don't care if your motorcycle was stolen today, yesterday, last year, 5 years ago or 100 years ago, if you're still the rightful owner we will list your bike provided you reported your stolen motorcycle to the police.
13. Yes, we do plan to open a "Stolen Motorcycle Store" in the future with plans to sell t-shirts and stickers and stuff bearing our logo when we finalize the design for our logo. But we will sell our stolen motorcycle products as cheaply as possible.
14. If you can design and sell your own stolen motorcycle products we'll be more than happy to allow you to do so and we won't charge you a dime-- not even a cent. All we expect is that your stolen motorcycle products bear our domain name, StolenMotorcycle.net . If you use our domain name we'll even add your link to our store page to help you sell more. Just let us know.
15. Unlike sites that depend on police or insurance companies to list your bike in 30, 60, 90 or more days, we'll list your bike as soon as we possibly can. Any if we ever make enough money to hire staff then we'll guarantee same day. (You see, at the recycling center where I used to work I'd get notified by police and insurance companies as to the stolen vehicles in my area but the lists were usually 3 months old.)
16. We can add pictures of your stolen motorcycle. After you report your bike to us we will send you an e-mail to verify your listing. When you get that e-mail you can reply back with pictures to be added to your listing. Who else does that? Probably some but not most.
17. Police officers can also use our data base and are not limited to 5 searches per day.
18. Searches can be done by make, model, year, state, name of police department, police report #, date stolen etc, etc, etc...
19. Our data base is world-wide-- try that with any insurance data base.
20. Anonomouse tipsters can leave tips on each and every listing. Warning: Just in case you think it's cool to leave fake tips, a police internet expert who is a friend of mine (We grew up together and he was a motorcycle cop before he made detective.) promises he can and will track you down with a vengeance as the site has all the goodies to make it easy for him to do.
21. And finally, until we can add more features that continue to make StolenMotorcycle.net the best stolen motorcycle registry in the world, the data we make public is sent out to thousands of websites, search engines, news feeds and other RSS equipped technologies around the world which increases the odds that someone will stumble upon your stolen motorcycle.