Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yamaha VIN#JYAR04E1YA007275

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): JYAR04E1YA007275
Make::  Yamaha
Model:: R6L
Year:: 2000
Name Of Police Department::  Durant and Bokchito city Police Depts.
Police Dept. Area Code and Telephone Number:: 5809245468 for Durant and 5802953818
Police Report Number:: UK
Reward, If Any:: $100
City:: Durant/Bokchito/Sherman/Denison
State or Province:: Oklahoma
Zip Or Postal Code: 74726
Country: U.S.A.
Additional Details, Accessories, Customization, Special Features etc::  This motorcycle was stolen at 4:30 this morning.  It is Red and White and missing the right hand side mirror.  Ok. Tag # is 3J0007.  The bottom/underneath faring is off.  It has a red windsheild.  It was stolen by a friend, acquaintance, ex boyfriend of a person named "Amy" who works at the Goodwill in Durant, Ok., is the suspision of ALOT of people.  She has one prior conviction for Grand theft auto and was "decoying" the owner by keeping them occupied on the telephone (allegedly) until the motorcycle was stolen.  The police know this info but are probably not going to do anything with it. SAD that you can KNOW who has stolen something from you and there is nothing you can do.  "Amy" has admitted that her ex boyfriend has STOLEN a car from a car lot in the area.  THE THEIF IS KNOWN to some, what can be done?  PLEASE HELP JUSTICE BE DONE.

Update:   I have more info that I already emailed but maybe this will get to you quicker.  Yesterday I was informed by the police that a "Billy Hicks" and Brandon Tyson who I just recently swapped cars with just 2 weeks ago are KNOWN auto theives.  I traded a car with them and they spied my motorcycle at that time.  This morning I just happened to follow them and they were taking this "Amy" girl to work!!!!!   Billy Hicks lives in Calera, OK. and Brandon Tyson lives in Benninton, OK. his # is 580-775-4056.  The car they traded me only came with ONE key, so they will probably STEAL it in a while and will have THREE of my cars.  A Maserati, a Mustang and my Yamaha.  PLEASE HELP!! The police are useless. 

 CORRECTION:  the accomplice is PARKER TYSON sorry. Here also is a picture of the bike, its OLD the bike has a diff windshield now, spotting on the left side from a battery leak, a dent in the tank (left side) and is older than this photo but its better than nothing.  Thank you for your help.

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